Only an hour from Stockholm and a few of kilometres from the coast of the Baltic Sea, with farmland and deep forests as far as the eye can see, lie the fields where family business By Ranch grow the camelina that goes into Camelina of Sweden’s products.

Certified cultivation of camelina in sweden

Even before they are planted in the spring, the seeds give off a distinct nutty and grassy aroma. Cultivation is completely free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, and when the half meter-high plants bloom in June, the fields are transformed into billowing seas of yellow and green, and the air is filled with deliciously refreshing grassy aroma.

A part of the harvest is put aside and dry-roasted, while the rest is cold-pressed to expel camelina oil. Everything with careful craftsmanship, and completely free from additives or preservatives. The result is 100% organic, beautifully golden and versatile oil and small terracotta coloured seeds, both with an intoxicatingly nutty and at the same time mild scent and flavour.

Some say it tastes like summer!