Waste from camelina oil production contains a lot of crude protein. It also has unusually high levels of omega 3 and vitamin E (antioxidants). This is a perfect base for 100% organic and nutritious feed for f ex fish, chickens, and cattle 1, but it is also as a valuable nutritional asset for both dogs and horses.

This means that the production of camelina oil at by Ranch AB outside Nyköping in Sweden is virtually free from waste, as the remnants can be pressed, degreased and sold as a nutritionally charged ingredient in animal feed – Camelina pellets.

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1. Feedipedia

We are a small family business with farming as our main occupation. This does not stop us from having a very high level of ambition when it comes to finding credible studies / references about the different uses for our camelina, however data and research findings change and are updated constantly. If you have questions about a reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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