Many personal care products on the market contain mineral oils. They moisturize the skin by forming a covering layer that traps the moisture in, with the risk of overhydration, which in turn – oddly enough – can lead to dry skin.1Mineral oils also do nothing more than moisturize the skin. They contain no nutrients such as antioxidants or soothing ingredients that can penetrate the skin, like vegetable oils do. Camelina oil is a living ingredient that penetrates deep into the skin and provides nutrients that moisturize and replenish it in a more natural way.2

The vitamin E and omega fatty acids in camelina oil have beneficial effects on the skin and can function anti-aging, improve skin elasticity, work conditioning, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. This makes camelina oil very suitable for use in, for example, products for skin and hair care like shampoo, lotions, soaps, baby oil, lip balm etc. 3


1. Dr Jetske Ultee

2-3. National Edible Oil Distributors Association

We are a small family business with farming as our main occupation. This does not stop us from having a very high level of ambition when it comes to finding credible studies / references about the different uses for our camelina, however data and research findings change and are updated constantly. If you have questions about a reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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