Camelina of Sweden’s dry-roasted camelina seeds are exactly what they sound like, but with a flavour that may surprise. Basically, we’ve dry-roasted a portion of our 100 % organic seed harvest instead of pressing it into camelina oil. The result is small, beautifully terracotta coloured, chia-like seeds, with lots of exciting uses in the kitchen.

Camelina seeds, that are sold in bags of 100 grams, are loaded with omega 3 and vitamin E. They are also rich in fibre and protein. More than 21 % to be exact! 1 They also contain substances that can lower cholesterol intake from food2, help prevent inflammatory harm3 and lower blood sugar levels4.

But the best thing about our dry-roasted camelina seeds is the flavour! A deliciously round and nutty one, that works just as well in toppings on f. ex. salads, sushi and fish, as well as a flavour boost in everything from baking to morning porridge.

1. Studie utförd av QACS – Quality Assurance & Control Systems – The challenge test laboratory

We are a small family business with farming as our main occupation. This does not stop us from having a very high level of ambition when it comes to finding credible studies / references about the different uses for our camelina, however data and research findings change and are updated constantly. If you have questions about a reference, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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